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Create NFTs that showcase your artistic vision and empower you to control your output in the digital art landscape.

Creatives have been disillusioned by the internet, and could not benefit from the recognition found on social media platforms, that stops now! Welcome to Nefting!


Build and engage your community on Nefting. Create a community of fans and gift them NFTs for their long-term engagement.

Or band together with other artists to showcase as a group and redistribute the profits with ease.

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Own & Trade

You can sell or swap your artwork.

Once minted, own your creation, for yourself or together with other creatives. Make of it what you want, the power is in your hands.


Create new relationships with other Nefting users and interact with them through our in-app social features.

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Benjamin - Founder & CEO

Benjamin Boulin

Founder & CEO

The OG founder of the project, Benjamin is a full stack developer. The concept of Nefting came to him from his experience in gaming and the lack of portability of his favorite in-game assets. A world where all property is easily exchangeable from a social network is his vision.

Nicolas - Co-Founder & CMO

Nicolas Page

Co-Founder & CMO

Working in blockchain for the past 5 years, Nicolas' focus is on GTM strategies, growth plans and community building. An active member of the Paris Web3 community, he will always be happy to discuss the latest web3 news with you.

Emmanuel - Co-Founder & HOR

Emmanuel Brault

Co-Founder & HOR

International multimedia artist, community builder and MBA-holder with more than 15 years of corporate experience, Emmanuel is active in the underground art scene since the late 90s. Whether you're a noob or an expert, he'll always be happy to talk about anything art, technology and NFTs.

Clement - Cloud Engineer Consultant

Clement Verove

Cloud Engineer Consultant

Clement is a cloud engineer. Infrastructure and complex workload support are key words in his profile with extensive expertise on AWS.


Do i need to transfer my NFT's to Nefting ?
No, simply sign up with your usual wallet and start organizing your showcases!
Which chains are supported on Nefting ?
We currently support 3 blockchains: ethereum, binance smart chain and polygon (more to come soon).
Is nefting exclusively for AI artists ?
No, nefting is for all artists. however we do want to incentivize collaboration and be part of building the future of creativity, enhanced by ai.
What is your royalty policy ?
We do provide the possibility to enforce royalties for NFT's minted and traded on Nefting.
How do i make an NFT ?
Easy! we have created the following tutorial video to help you out.

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